Monday, 22 December 2008

Happy Holidays!

I must have said this a hundred times but I just love the holidays with the monkeys. We've always got lots of things to do and it is nice to get a lie in sometimes as well. I think I had the first lie in of the year, Mr Betsy's never one to get up in the morning to feed the children. They stayed up a little later than usual last night, so bless, I had an extra hour this morning. 

The first day of the holiday we made traditional Dutch poffertjes, little pancakes with butter and icing sugar. We made a whole mountain and in some of them we'd hidden a chocolate button or a kruidnootje, a little ginger biscuit. Girl monkey had seen this on a Dutch cookery program and wanted to try it out, it was delicious. 

They made Christmas cards for friends &

the gingerbread house their daddy bought them. I am not sure if he'll get to see any of it as they started eating it pretty soon after it was done.

The house is looking so lovely for the holiday season that I wanted to get some new bed linen as well. It might be a lonely Christmas, it is not going to be a cold one! I got some East of India ribbon recently (code 3157 for those who'd like to get this) and got enough to decorate two pillow cases and a duvet cover with it. 

I should have ironed the sheets but hey life's too short as it is. 

Just finished my necklace orders and as it is still early I might watch a nice Christmas movie. The next few nights will be late ones because we'll have Christmas celebrations, yippee!!

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