Friday, 1 August 2008

Day 12 Charlie & Lola

Another museum and another trip on the bus! Today we went to the Manchester Art Gallery to visit the Charlie and Lola exhibition. This is not the official name, I believe it was called Green drops and Moonsquirters and it was about all of Lauren Child's work not just Charlie and Lola but it was FANTASTIC! It was very busy when we got there, all these efficient parents trying to be on time to do all the activities but it got better later on. There was a lot to do, we did badge making and book making. Girl monkey started her 'First book of shapes' and boy monkey just glued, cut and used anything that he liked, especially all things blue.

The first thing we did though was enter Charlie and Lola's kitchen. A studio covered in paper and decorated with fridges, pots, pans, stove, etc all drawn by visitors to the exhibition and we were asked to add some more fruit and veg and we were given some paper clothes to decorate and hang on the washing line. It was wonderful to be in a room where you could draw on all the surfaces. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland!

Further in the exhibition were rooms set up with a play kitchen, magnetic Charlie and Lola clothes, dressing up clothes and scenes and drawings from other Lauren Child books (Princess and the Pea below). We had a great time and might go back on a day when there are no craft activities as it was just a little too crowded.

When we got home I had a wonderful surprise, my artist friend dropped off this fabulous work of art that I had wanted on my walls for 4 1/2 years! It is the work by girl monkey done at 15 months of age, inspired by Sam Francis, finally framed. I just love it! I hope it is going to be a nice surprise for Mr Betsy when he comes home tomorrow.

Last but not least I started a little project for tonight. I refurbished another Unicorn bag. This one was worn all along the gusset (fabulous word). It is nearly finished so I will quickly get these last stitches done before I fall asleep. 

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