Saturday, 2 August 2008

Day 13 A craft day

Smoothie of the day :
Today's breakfast treat was made with 
- a handful of strawberries
- 2 large ripe pears
- a large glass of fresh cloudy apple juice

Girl monkey wanted a craft day today. As I needed some time to sort out the house before Mr Betsy got back we decided to make some mosaics. The monkeys laid down on a piece of pattern paper and amongst lots of giggles I traced them. They then sat down with a pile of magazines, various coloured and patterned tissue paper, fabric, stickers and glue and cut and tore out bits to stick onto their profiles. Boy monkey's is predominantly blue although he chose a lovely pink gift wrap for his legs. I never said to him that blue was for boys and pink for girls but somehow this was programmed into his mind before birth. From the moment he could talk he said that he loved blue, so let him have his favourite colour. 

These photographs aren't great but it gives some idea of what when on this morning .

They chose particular colours to stick on and the cutting and tearing kept them occupied for quite some time that we haven't finished them yet. For the moment we hung them on the wall in the kitchen. I think these mosaic figures would look great plastered all over the walls in the hall way. 

I finished the Unicorn bag I started last night. I certainly bent the rules sewing this one! My sewing machine broke down so I am hand stitching everything. It gives me great pleasure but a mitered corner doesn't look as neat so I decided to leave the end of the bias binding hanging on the corners and I tied them together. It looks really cute and saved me a lot of hassle!

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