Wednesday, 22 December 2010

M & M (Mistletoe & Mulled Wine!)

Tonight is the first night that I am truly in the mood for Christmas. We'd been to the Christmas Markets in Manchester (where I stocked up on lots of Dutch goodies) and visited the one in Chester. We'd organised a Busy Betsy Christmas Market and I've been to numerous nativity plays and concerts but I suppose due to all the work and a certain amount of stress I couldn't really relax and get in the mood.

Tonight however I have put my feet up after finishing wrapping presents for friends and delivering the last of the seasonal wishes by hand; feeding 6 little ones and making sure they had a good time. I don't think they are all asleep yet but at least I can't hear them at the moment.

I have put up my feet in front of the fire, enjoying a cup of mulled wine and 'macarons de Paris' that are now available in my local supermarket. They are my favourite treats and they have finally reached the UK! Meanwhile I can't stop looking at my tree, I totally love it. It was purchased again at Golden Days nursery where I believe they have the best trees in the South Manchester area. It even had a pine cone on it:

I usually let the kids decorate the tree. Sometimes I give them a colour scheme and other years I leave them to it. They've decorated my tree in red and orange, red and silver and also multi coloured but this year I'd asked them to decorate in red, white, blue and turquoise and they did a fantastic job! The picture does not do it justice and I hasten to say that I have put a big ribbon at the top above the apples but girl monkey liked them so much and got upset when I suggested we change the composition slightly that I just had to run with it. The red and white gingham ribbon on the top inspired me for the colour scheme next year: red and white gingham and green decorations.

As a final touch I have put up some fresh mistletoe tonight. Now let the festivities begin!

I shall throw another log on the fire and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and the very best wishes for 2011!

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