Wednesday, 1 December 2010

25 Chocolates until Christmas

Yay it's the first of December and I am really getting into the mood for Christmas. Christmas cards have started to arrive (seems to be earlier every year) and today the monkeys and the cat opened their first door of the advent calendars. Yes you read that well : cat! Never knew they had these for four legged creatures too but she was all too happy to get her treats. Strangely she got six in hers and the monkeys only got one.

My first trip this morning was to the local hardware store to buy a shovel. It was much needed today as I could hardly back up onto my own drive. I love snow and it is very early this year, adding to the Christmas feeling but I am worried about the roads. Last year it was total mayhem with me and a few friends trying to turn a car manually so I am now a bit more prepared for icy roads and pavements.

I had a really homely day today. Lots of baking and decorating done with a house full of friends. Today was my friend Jo's birthday and we got to christen the dining room. I have mentioned this before but it is kind of ready now, missing a few chairs still but we've got enough to have friends round.

I am very pleased with the result. It was not exactly a minimal effort as the painting took some time but it was done on a very limited budget and I think that the team who filmed the house last year would be very surprised to see the change to this:

From this:

After school we had friends of the monkeys round and we all had a lovely time playing in the snow. With baked potatoes in the oven and a freshly baked cake it felt like a proper winter's day from long long ago when I lived in a little village with my mum and dad. This sounds quite sentimental but I suppose it is the time of the year.

Tomorrow I will be engrossed in photography and Friday it is back to preparing the Sparkly Busy Betsy night that is coming up next week.

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