Friday, 4 February 2011

Zzzzzzzz......Sound Asleep

Girl monkey is ready for the holidays, she's had a very busy week. On Tuesday she took part in the G*Mania musical, yesterday she had the wonderful task of being in a focus group at Boohoo for their younger range Boohoo sister and today she sang in the Manchester Young Linguists award. I think for once she will sleep well.

G*Mania was a great experience for her. The cast (amongst others Rikki Loney and Shaun Smith) were a delight. All the boys were so good with the little ones and the girls were cheering from the wings. I think she never wanted to leave that stage.

Then yesterday she absolutely loved going to the Boohoo office. She could not stop looking around and felt really grown up sitting in a meeting! The girls got some lovely goodies to take home: her hat-scarf-mittens (I am sure there is a cool word for this) has not left her since.

Luckily sleep is being aided by this amazing invention: a Sound Asleep pillow. When I read about the competition on Kids Confidential I thought why not give it a try and was delighted when I won. I thought that this would be a nicely scented lavender cushion, something really relaxing. However it has an inbuilt plug for an ipod or you could connect it to a CD player (for louder volume!) and listen to your favourite songs. I really hoped this would not do the trick and was almost disappointed. I had visions of girl monkey dancing around her bed and getting excited from all her favourite tunes. On the contrary, she obviously absolutely loves it (what's not to like for an eight year old?) but does fall asleep whilst listening to her music. Brilliant! Thank you Kids Confidential for letting me win this!
I am glad too that it is half term now as I feel like I am currently employed as a taxi driver.

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