Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Apologies for these rather bad photos but I didn't feel like taking all the netting off again. 
Just wanted to "show off" the fruits of my labour. 

The weather has been absolutely glorious, which means going down to the allotment at least once a day for watering and time permitting weeding during the day. The aftermath of late May and early June is still ongoing but I have discovered lovely beet spinach between the weeds and the carrots and mini leeks are nearly weed free and looking beautiful!

In the last few days I have had a couple of delicious salads with home grown produce: potatoes, radishes and parsley are growing beautifully. 
Salad leaves are in abundance and tonight I have picked the first spinach leaves. 
Every night the monkeys and me harvest one strawberry each as the birds seem to get the rest but even that single one is so unbelievably sweet that we are happy just with that. The overgrown paths all around the allotment are going to be rich with all sorts of berries soon so we'll be bringing tubs every night. Think I might have to start reading up on jam making. 

After all the initial hassle with the courgettes I am pleased to see those doing really well and I am hoping that this year I get more tomatoes than last year (two...). I suppose I have learnt from my mistakes. I have also encircled them with home made bracelets of copper wire. I have designed a reasonable amount of jewellery but making something for a tomato plant is a first. 

I have been enjoying this whole allotmenteering so far but this last week has just been brilliant. Going home every night with a basket of produce is just fabulous and the monkeys are so delighted to try all the things from the plot that it is worth just for that. 

Now I am going to finish the night with a lovely piece of rhubarb crumble, made with stalks picked with love. 

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