Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Day of The Dandelions

If there was such a film as "The Day of The Dandelions" it could have been filmed in my little plot. Realising the other day that the weed control fabric didn't work, freaking out Mini Betsy as she'd never seen so many weeds in one patch I took the advice to double it up and try again. Fast forward two weeks later and it is sadly the only place where there are many, many growing. 

So my job today was to dig it over and pull out as many roots as possible up to about a foot and a half deep or so. This is probably not deep enough but time was short so I'll see what happens next week. I was warned about horse hair, which is starting to spread like wild fire, especially in the neighbouring patch, hope it doesn't blow over. However I suppose that is wishful thinking.

I finally managed to get my carrot and mini leek seeds in and as I am still waiting for my veggie mesh to arrive I've covered the area with my mums old net curtains. Not sure if it does the job but it is the same colour (white) with small holes so hope no carrot flies will come in.
This is proper DIY gardening on a shoe string!

On the plus side, the set onions that I planted two weeks ago are showing signs of life. Yeah!  I had them covered with a bit of white fleece to deter crows from picking them out of the soil. I noticed that my neighbour, who planted them the next day hadn't done that and no green shoots yet. Hope my trick worked. 

All gardening wisdom is not my own but I am grateful to all those who keep blogs, tweet and give very useful advice in books. My current read is The Half Hour Allotment by Lia Leendertz, not because I'd like to cut corners already but it has come recommended.
I'm going to get a cup of tea ready and curl up with my book under a home made quilt.

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