Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jubilee Madness

I have officially gone Jubilee Mad. I am not a royalist, I am not even British. But I love all things red, white and blue and am a fan of a good party. 

There will be a Busy Betsy Open Night coming up soon but in the meantime I have been making quite a few pieces of jewellery in the colour scheme as well as brooches and head gear. 

I think, well I know in fact, that one of the reasons for being so excited about this whole jubilee thing is that I love the colour scheme. Inspired by the Dutch flag (again not a Dutch royalist either!), I have often used these colours as a starting point for many textile pieces. On top of that every year on 30 April, Queens Day is celebrated in Holland and the whole country goes mad for all things red, white, blue and orange. Hence I am so excited about the limited edition M&M's, balloons and streamers at all the supermarkets and pound shops. I have been stocking up for years to come. 

And then I have a soft spot for the Union Jack, have had for years so when I saw this doormat I could not resist. Next on my list is a stamp rug although I fear that will be out of my budget for some time to come unless one of the major supermarkets start stocking them. 

As I mentioned earlier I am not even British although trying very hard. The wonderful Mr G is a great teacher and a provider of the best pork scratchings and pork pies. I suppose that's why girl monkey persuaded me to get this cookery book so that I can practice a bit harder and cook all those wonderful pies and stews. 

For the past two weeks the Busy Betsy household has been getting in the mood for the big day on Monday. Both monkeys had dressing up days at school and homework that consisted of making a jubilee lunchbox, design a jubilee sandwich, make a jubilee cake, etc. And excitement is building up for the garden party at our lovely friends. There will be bunting and cupcakes galore, red white and blue dresses no doubt and I've gone mad and bought this pair of sunglasses. As the weather forecast is rain I am not sure if I'll be needing them, but wearing them I will!

It's a good thing perhaps that this madness only happens once in a while and not every year however all the packaging in the shops does cheer me up. Never have I been so keen to walk around the supermarket and look at what's on the shelves. I seriously hope that no marketing team is reading this, otherwise I'll be broke if the jubilant jubilee packaging continues. 

For now I hope you all have a lovely jubilee weekend and long live the Queen! 

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