Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Granny's Little Helper

In a usual start of the year attempt to get my craft room tidy, I have been going through a big box of bags of bits and bobs. On this journey I have found many small bits of fabric that will need to be turned into brooches and hair clips and I have found a large amount of colourful dk yarn. As it is the end of winter (well feels more like the start) I didn't feel like knitting some girlie scarves but fancied a bit of crochet.

Now I can make all sorts but crochet has never been my forte. Crochet in my crafts is a bit like risotto used to be in my cooking, a bit stiff and not very successful. Fortunately I have found the perfect risotto recipe so I master that one now and was quite keen to get another skill mastered in 2012. Off I went to the library as the web wasn't much help. Lots of people trying to sell their patterns but no-one explaining how to make a granny square. That was the one I wanted to learn, I could do basic but that's a bit dull. Lucky for me I found the oracle on my local library shelf.

I tried a couple and settled on the one that I felt would work best for a throw on the sofa (or girl monkey's bed as she confiscates anything I make).

I was quite chuffed that after a few nights of working on these I had a basket full of colourful grannies set in white and started to sew a few together.

Boy monkey was equally chuffed with the squares and played with them to make lovely patterns. He's seen me doing knitting, sewing, embroidery and now doing something with one hook so he was most intrigued. And bless him as I went to get myself a well deserved cup of coffee he'd laid them all out, made a nice pattern and ..... cut off the little threads as neatly as he could.

Imagine the look of horror on my face. And then on both monkey's faces. They'd realised quickly that something had been done that shouldn't have been. I clearly didn't master the "Oh aren't you a good boy helping mummy" but instead went into a panic checking if any of them had become undone, as I hadn't finished them properly. Ungratefully I then gave away those that could not be salvaged. Don't think I've encouraged the little man to take up this craft. Think I will have to make it up with a lovely knitted scarf.....

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