Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mini Masters Yves Klein session

I cannot believe that we had the last session of the first year of "Mini Masters". Most of the little ones will go of to school now but luckily a couple will be coming back in September. We had a lot of fun, explored many artists and movements and on top of that enjoyed a piece of cake at the same time.

Our last session was based on the work by Yves Klein. We talked about the Monochromes, International Klein Blue (the colour of paint especially made for the artist), the furniture and the reliefs in the pictures. The "Mini Masters" then chose their favourite colour and started to build up a relief. One way of replicating the reliefs in Yves Klein's work is to use little cotton wool balls. I never knew they painted so well and created such a beautiful surface. I should have thought beyond clouds, snowmen and Father Christmas before.

Needless to say we had a number of purple and pink pictures but there were also some yellow and blue.

I had a lot of fun talking about art with the little ones. I hope "Mini Masters" helped them to develop a love for art and creating art themselves.

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