Monday, 30 June 2008

It ain't much if it ain't Dutch

What a difference a day makes! Granted a few items have been shifted to another corner that desperately needs tidying up but I will not bore you with another picture of a sad looking corner in my house. I was so pleased with the result that I finished my distressed orange frame and found my little vintage Dutch flag to which I added  little collage of newspaper letters.  You've got to pat yourself on the back from time to time. I hope it will make Mr Betsy smile when he comes back tonight after a year of working many miles away (don't worry we had frequent visits so we will still recognise each other!)

As I had some orange paint left boy monkey and I did some stamping. As they are now school age and a bit big for doing foam puzzles on the floor I suggested a while back that we should get rid of the tattered animal foam box puzzle but obviously they didn't want to hear any of it. As I am very keen on recycling, reusing, customising, refurbishing I did feel I needed to give the object a longer life in our household. Mind you hardly ever will an object leave this house without it having been reinvented at least once. So our stamping exercise started out well. No doubt the shapes will find their way in a Kantha cushion at some point. I do hope to be able to get an image of it in the right place because I am still struggling with moving them around. Any tips anyone? This all feels very new but so much fun..... 

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